Interested in moving forward with natural vision improvement?
There are several options to work with me.

Private Coaching

If you are interested in private coaching (currently a waitlist), please fill out this application. We will get back to you within 48 hours with next steps.

Online Group Coaching

Most of my online courses are “live” programs that run for a specific length of time. While the trainings are pre-recorded (so you can watch them on your own time), we have certain days and times for live online group coaching during the live part of the course.

Reach out if you cannot find an upcoming course listed. We do our best to keep this page up-to-date, it’s not always possible and some of the new programs might not yet be shown here.

If you are a beginner, your best option is the “21 Days To Better Eyesight Experience” three-week program which I run almost every month except April, July and August.

21 Days To Better Eyesight Experience

A three week, 3 module vision improvement program that you will give you an understanding of the foundation of vision improvement: Relaxation of eyes, body and mind. In addition to vision practices, you will get easy to do breath techniques and myofascial rollouts to help you quickly regulate your nervous system into a relaxed state.

Each day you’ll get a short, pre-recorded video you watch on you own. You get support via the Facebook group and three live calls with Claudia.

You will leave the program with a personalized Clear Morning Ritual that gives you a solid, simple protocol to continue to save, protect and improve your eyesight.

This program is available every month except April, July and August.