My Favorite Vision Improvement Products

The products listed below are products I am using or taking myself. Some of them, like the Tune Up Fitness Therapy Balls are so good that they have become a part of my Naturally Clear Vision Method known as “Roll & Relax”.

Others, like the Carbon 60 antioxidant, the Neurohacker Qualia supplements, and the Queen of The Thrones Castor Oil Packs are simply super beneficial for everyone who wants to beat oxidative stress and inflammation in the whole body and support a healthy diet with supplementation for optimal eye health.

The Overbound Clarity Eyesight Trainer is a fantastic tool to improve peripheral and binocular vision and is great for anyone that wants more control, options and ease of use than good old fashioned occluding glasses. Highly recommended if you play sports or want to improve strabismus, squint, amblyopia and double vision.

A Must-Have for vision improvement is a Shifter. The ones from Art of Transformation by Trisha Kirby are hand-made in the US and available in custom colors, and they are see-through! That means that they are also great for sunning & strobing practice. A great holiday or birthday present.

I am usually not a big fan of blue blocking glasses since we need blue light (naturally occurring in sunlight), but the Ezekiel-Ion glasses are fantastic because they are not only almost clear, they also block more blue light than even amber colored glasses and they also block EMFs and help relieve eyestrain with their negative ion technology.

Lastly, a Fluidstance balance board was a big game changer for my own vision. When you stand on a Fluidstance board at your standing desk, you experience gentle movement without struggling to stay “aboard” like you would on a Pilates board or Bozu ball. That gentle movement (that you can also stop completely) helped me achieve clarity despite being on the computer almost all day long.